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I am a retired Design Engineer based in the UK. I have also lived in Germany and Hong Kong. I have travelled extensively in Europe, the USA and Far East for both work and leisure and I use that experience in my writing.

My first book was published in 2020 and at the time of writing I have four books available in eBook, kindle and paperback formats. Writing my first published book, Finn’s Quest, took nine months to complete with over 97,000 words, 390 pages and 31 chapters.

My books are focussed on believable fast paced action, interesting locations, realistic characters and dialogue. I do not waste time make massive descriptions of the locations or characters. Some readers see that as a lack of depth however, having read hundreds of action books I quickly grew bored of reading page after page telling me about how a boat works, how a person’s hair looks and what style of clothes someone is wearing. Its all irrelevant! I focus on action. This does not sit well with ex-army purists and military historians who consider my writing “Rubbish”. However, who really gives a crap about the type of grease used in a gun?

My writing style has garnered a number of malicious and insulting reviews and I sometimes wonder why people can be so disrespectful of the amount of work that goes into writing a novel. At least the numerous positive and supportive reviews make it worthwhile.


The KIRKLAND FINN books are centred around the main character, a Captain in the British Army, SAS Regiment. Finn gets into realistic situations that he has to navigate his way out of. There is not lots of sex and foul language like some writers in this genre focus on, my Finn books are about action, fast paced, with an explosive ending.

SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION  is an historical wild west action-adventure book set in 1879 with a modern twist on a tired and warn out formula. When I was young I read hundreds of wild west dime novels and watched as many movies. During the Covid summer of 2021 I decided to use the time to write my own book but written the book in same style as the Kirkland Finn novels. The same realistic action tinged with a little humour and a number of twists and turns. If you like Kirkland Finn, you’ll like gunfighter Edward Landon. It’s worth noting that all of the locations I write about in this wild west books, even if I’ve changed the name, I’ve physically visited at some time in the past while touring the USA. Not many authors in this genre can claim that one. If your bored with the same old, same old, western books then why not give SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION a try.

In 2023 I will publish the first NICO TORRES novel. This is a character introduced in Finn’s Quest. FBI Special Agent Torres will investigate the discovery of a young womans headless body in a New Mexico National Park.

I hope you like my books, feedback is welcome, especially the nice ones.

You can contact me via twitter at @KirklandFinn.


22-Dec-20  – FINN’S QUEST – (Kirkland Finn Book #1)

1-Apr-21 – END OF EXISTENCE – (Kirkland Finn Book # 2)

15-Jan-22 – SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – (Wild West Thriller)

1-May-22 – END OF MIND FORCE – (Kirkland Finn Book # 3)

Currently Writing 

KIRKLAND FINN – #4  – Finn leaves the Army and travels to Cyprus off grid to search for the people who killed his parents.

THE DUSTY ROAD TO DEATH – FBI Special Agent Nico Torres investigates the discovery of a young woman’s body in a New Mexico National Park.