Directions to Sad Hill Cemetery (How to Find)

Sad Hill Cemetary, Good Bad Ugly Movie Location, Contreras, Burgos, Spain

I have a holiday home in the south of Spain and have already visited the Spaghetti Western movie locations in the South of Spain in the Tabernas desert. Earlier this year there was a Netflix documentary released which told of the renovation of Sad Hill Cemetary, the location of the final gunfight in the Good, … Read more

YUMAGOLD – Guitar and Other Audio Products to Review and Buy


The YUMAGOLD UK website¬†has been created as a one stop shop for guitarists and other musicians to review, compare prices and purchase musical instrument equipment, at the best prices currently on offer from online suppliers around the world. By constantly reviewing and comparing prices we can generate a list showing the guitar sale prices and … Read more

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces and Gel Fires –

Bio-ethanol Fireplaces, Bioethanol Burners and Gel Fires

The website includes products from suppliers across the UK and Europe. Bio-ethanol fireplaces are a great way to add a secondary heat source to a property and are relatively easy to install and use. The benefits of these products are numerous including 100% energy efficiency, no chimney or flue system is required, the fuel … Read more