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The website includes products from suppliers across the UK and Europe. Bio-ethanol fireplaces are a great way to add a secondary heat source to a property and are relatively easy to install and use. The benefits of these products are numerous including 100% energy efficiency, no chimney or flue system is required, the fuel is smokeless and sustainable, helping the environment.

There are many different styles of bio-ethanol fireplace to consider for your home. From small tabletop bio ethanol fires to remote control bioethanol burners in sizes up to 2000mm wide. Prices can range from £35 to £6000 depending on the size, technology and finishes that are involved. Buying bio ethanol fuel bottles cannot be easier as there are many suppliers of fuel based across Europe.

bio ethanol fireplace (also called a bio ethanol burner or gel fire burner) can be used as a secondary heat source in a property, or outdoors for decorative purposes in a garden or patio area. These modern fireplace products use a bio fuel source to generate heat and produce a real living flame. As with all fireplace products that have a flame and generate special safety conditions need to be observed when using this style of fireplace.

Bio-ethanol Fires and Fuel Explained

The bioethanol fuel is denatured alcohol, similar to the type of alcohol in alcoholic drinks but with a very high concentration, approximately 96% by volume. The alcohol has an additive mixed in that makes it bad-tasting or nauseating to discourage recreational consumption.

The main part of any bio-ethanol fireplace is the bioethanol burner tray that is used to store and burn the fuel. Some bio-burners can be used with either bioethanol fuel or gel fuel cans. These fuels are very different in how they look, perform and are used. Due to the fuel being highly flammable the handling and storage of bioethanol fuel is very important safety factor and must be approached with care.

The main advantages of this style of sustainable fireplace is that it can be used in a room without a chimney making it suitable for modern properties or old properties where the chimney cannot be used. There is also 100% energy efficiency to consider. Products which use a chimney waste heat to outdoors, as these are flueless fires the energy is not wasted as the heat stays within the property.

Suppliers of Bio-Ethanol Fires

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