Last Week I Nearly Gave Up Writing Forever!

Thats right! Last week I came close to throwing the towel in. I was a keystroke from deleting Finn #4 from my PC forever. That’s after spending five months on it. Why? Insulting, negative reviews. Let me explain. First, everyone is entitled to their opinion but maybe they should think before going off on one. Does … Read more

Writing the First Nico Torres Novel

Kirkland Finn Author Andy Munro at White Sands, New Mexico, USA.

A number of readers have asked me when I’ll publish another book with Nico Torres. I can confirm that I’m currently 25% through writing THE DUSTY ROAD TO DEATH. This novel sees FBI Agent Nico Torres investigating the murder of a young woman. Readers of FINN’S QUEST will possibly remember that Torres has an unsolved … Read more

Reflecting on Amazon Book Reviews

Andy Munro, Author of Kirkland Finn Action-adventure Novels

I’ve had some fantastic reviews recently. Despite the efforts of a select few negative reviewers who have set themselves a target to rubbish my books, it’s positive feedback that inspires me to keep writing. Writing a novel, regardless of the subject or content involves the author spending hundreds of hours creating something. After all that … Read more

Kirkland Finn #4 – Update 8-April-2022

Andy Munro, Author of Kirkland Finn Action-adventure Novels

I have started writing the fourth instament of the Kirkland Finn novels. This follows on from the final revelation in MIND FORCE. Finn leaves the army and goes of the grid. I am currently setting out the plot and researching the locations. I am hoping to put finger to keyboard in May.

Kirkland Finn #3 MIND FORCE Released on 1-May-2022

Andy Munro, Author of Kirkland Finn Action-adventure Novels

MIND FORCE is now available to pre-order as an eBook and Kindle Unlimited and goes live on the 1st May 2022. Sales to date are very positive and I appreciate the support of my readers in welcoming this new novel release. MIND FORCE has many characters that appear in previous books and invoves action from … Read more