CURSED – SWEDE by ANDY MUNRO [Edward Landon #2]

CURSED – SWEDE is an action packed cowboy western thriller set in 1879. Follow vengeful gunfighter Edward Landon as he tracks down the second member of Stranik’s outlaw gang, the Swede.

Born following the rape of his mother by a gang of 7 outlaws, Landon grows up in the small Texas town of Perdido, cursed by the knowledge that one of the outlaws is his father. With a life dominated by the need for vengeance Landon, fast with both a gun and his mouth, sets off into the wild west of America at the age of 18 in search of the outlaw gang. After a search of seven years, now 25, he’s finally found the first member of the gang, Baxter. Before despatching the outlaw Landon is given details of two further members, Wilson and Swede. Armed with the information that they have ridden north to the Nevada mining towns of Silver City, Virginia City and the Comstock Lode.  With his trusty horse Chelee by his side, gunfights, fist fights, drinking and chasing women are a daily occurrence for Edward Landon, a man born out of hatred and consumed by vengeance.

CURSED – SWEDE is an action-packed western adventure novel packed with twists, turns, realistic characters, historic wild west locations, humour, romance and fast paced dialogue.

CURSED – SWEDE is the second book in the Edward Landon Saga, a series of seven wild west cowboy fiction short stories, each with approx. 100 pages. Written by new author Andy Munro with a modern all action style. Each book in this wild west series is standalone with a start and finish however to fully appreciate the characters it is advised to read the books in order. If you have not done it already, read CURSED – BAXTER first.

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