SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – WILSON is the book 3rd book in a series of short western action adventure stories by Andy Munro.

SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – WILSON is a classic western cowboy action-adventure fiction novel written with a modern action-packed style mixed with a little romance and humour. Follow the adventures of vengeful gunfighter Edward Landon (aka El Maldito) as he tracks down the next member of Stranik’s outlaw gang, Wilson, in the third instalment of this Classic Western Short Story series.

SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – WILSON is a revenge cowboy western action-adventure thriller set in 1879, Nevada and tells the tale of vengeful gunfighter Edward Landon (aka El Maldito) as he rides across the wilderness with his trusty horse Chelee. A Virginia City prostitute called Smelly Kate informs Landon that Wilson has ridden south to the California gold-mining boomtown of Bodie with an Irishman. She also tells him that Wilson has a unique tattoo that will identify him. Armed with the information, Landon sets out across the wilderness. On the way to an explosive showdown with the outlaw, Landon meets a group of prostitutes who try to rob him, fights off a band of Indian raiders, saves a gold miner and his family from assassination, meets an interesting Chinese man called Lo Chang, drinks with a bounty hunter sent to kill him and even has time to bed several women.

Edward Landon (aka El Maldito) is born following the rape of his mother by a gang of 7 outlaws. He grows up in the small Texas town of Perdido, cursed by the knowledge that one of the outlaws is his father. With a life dominated by the need for revenge, he learns the skills required to track down the men, becoming fast with both a gun and his mouth. On his 18th birthday, Landon sets off into the wilderness of the old wild west of America in search of the outlaws. Gunfights, fistfights, drinking and chasing women are daily occurrences for Edward Landon, a man born out of hatred and consumed by vengeance.

SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – WILSON is an adventure novel packed with twists, turns, realistic characters, historic wild west locations, humour, romance, mystery, suspense and fast-paced dialogue. This dime novel short story (100 pages) features a wide range of classic western characters including, lawmen, gunslingers, outlaws, Mexican bandits, Indian rebels, bounty hunters and much more.

SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – WILSON is the third book in Andy Munro’s Edward Landon Saga. A series of seven wild west cowboy fiction short stories, each with approx. one hundred pages and available in eBook, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited formats. Each book in the collection is a standalone novella with a start and finish however to fully appreciate the sequence of events and the character development it is advised to read the books in the correct order.

If you have not done it already, read SIX-GUN RETRIBUTION – BAXTER first – search for B08Y5HWYWD.

This book is part 3 of a series of 7 dark western cowboy short stories that tell the story of vengeful gunfighter Edward Landon tracking down the members of an outlaw gang, one book at a time.


This book would not have been possible without the assistance of my partner Christine who provided valuable support and encouragement. Thank you, Christine XXX

About the Author

Andy Munro is a retired design engineer from the North East of the UK who began writing in 2020 with the publication of FINN’S QUEST, the first in a series of Kirkland Finn SAS military action-adventure thrillers in December. This was followed up in April 2021 with the publication of the second book in the series, END OF EXISTENCE. Look out for Andy Munro’s action-adventure books on Amazon in eBook, Kindle, and Paperback formats.

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