Explosive SAS Military Action Adventure Thriller with an Eco-Terrorist Threat. Gripping British Army and Espionage Thriller with realistic plot and characters. Written by new author Andy Munro. This SAS soldier, British Army hero, action adventure thriller has twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the end….

A Biological Weapon is stolen from a Russian research facility by an Eco-Terrorist who is ready to use it to prove a point…

With the Cold War in full swing and to gain an advantage in the arms race, the Russian State decided to build a Biological Weapons Research Facility in the northern wastelands. To avoid detection the Kremlin built the new town of Yacheyka on the edge of the Baltic Sea, off the grid and not shown on any maps. In the 1960’s an accident at the facility led to the release of a deadly pathogen that instantly killed all traces of life, up to a radius of ten miles. Scared of further contamination from the scientists’ deadly creation the Russians imposed a fifty-mile exclusion zone around the facility, sealing the dead town in time…until now.

Agneta Bergqvist, a wealthy entrepreneur, environmentalist and climate activist, has now become an eco-terrorist. With the deadly weapon now in her possession, she’s going to implement her plan to teach humankind a lesson.

MI6 require a covert operative to infiltrate Bergqvist’s group. SAS Captain, Kirkland Finn, is selected to track down and recover the biological weapon. Follow Finn as he teams up with a Russian GRU agent and a squad of crack SAS soldiers from Yacheyka to an explosive finish in the waters of the Baltic Sea.

This action-packed covert ops, military action adventure thriller flows from one chapter to the next with twists and turns along the way. Written with a refreshing all action style with realism and believable characters. END OF EXISTENCE tells the story of an woman driven by hatred of humankind and a passion for environmental issues.

Follow the adventures of British Army soldier, Captain Kirkland Finn, 22nd Special Air Service Regiment hero, based at RAF Credenhill, Hereford. In the first book in the series FINN’S QUEST. If you like Special Forces, Black Ops, mystery, suspense novels then follow new author Andy Munro.

END OF EXISTENCE is the second book in the KIRKLAND FINN Action Adventure series, for the first book in the series search for FINN’S QUEST also available on Amazon.

ANDY MUNRO is a new author, first book published Dec 2020, with a passion for writing. Receiving many five star reviews on Amazon for his first novel FINN’S QUEST.

Below are a selection of the reviews:

  • Enjoyed the book immensely, would recommend, good ripping yarn from start to finish, awaiting the publication of this author’s next book .
  • Great story , intriguing read from start to finish. Twists and turns throughout the plot. It kept me fully engrossed. Cant wait for Mr Munros second book. Hopefully we dont wait to long. Highly recommended.
  • Definitely worth reading if you like crime and military action. Can’t believe it was a first book, as good as any of the major crime writers. Can’t wait for Andy Munro’s next book and more adventures of Finn.
  • Took a punt on a new author, glad I did, thoroughly enjoyed this action thriller book. It’s got a great plot and believable characters. Trouble was never far away and I read it in a couple of sessions during lockdown, definitely looking forward to the next book.
  • Fantastic read Andy , Well done!
  • Excellent new hero! Throughly enjoyed this suspense thriller action book and can’t wait for next one, hopefully not too long.
  • One of those books you just can’t put down. All action from start to finish. Excellent military action thriller story from a new author. Highly recommended.
  • Sizzling pace, action packed military thriller with suspense, twists and turns – most enjoyable.

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