FINN’S QUEST by ANDY MUNRO [Kirkland Finn #1]

FINNS QUEST is a gripping Action Adventure Thriller. This covert ops, special forces, fiction novel is based in the USA and Afghanistan. Featuring SAS Captain Kirkland Finn, a British Army Hero. Skilled at fighting with a gun, knife or bare hands and known for his impeciable covert operative skills. Finn takes you on a high-octane black ops, explosive military action adventure with crime, kidnapping, mystery, suspense and stunning twists and turns. (380 pages)

British Army Soldier, Captain Kirkland Finn, of the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), currently deployed in Afghanistan, recieves a phone call from the FBI informing him that his sister has been kidnapped while on holiday in New Mexico, USA. FBI Special agent Nico Torres also confirms that her three friends have been executed. Torres suspects ex-Special Forces troops are involved. Finn, not wanting to leave his sister to become a missing person statistic, travels to the US with the help of the NCS Director. Finn arrives in New Mexico with one goal, save his sister. He joins forces Torres, a diligent crime investigator who is also driven to solve the murder and kidnapping case.

The two men form a unbreakable partnership that is cemented after a thrilling shoot out with the special forces mercenaries in the streets of El Paso, Texas. As the two men chase the culprits from New Mexico to Texas they begin to unravel a complex web of corruption and greed involving both military and intelligence agency staff. When drugs are found on a plane arriving into Akron, Ohio it highlights a leak in the DEA. The President sets up a secret task force to investigate the corruption that has spread though the administration. Working with Torres, and an elite group of covert operatives, Finn must call upon all of his military training, experience and covert infiltration and surveillance skills. Always one step behind the kidnappers, Finn knows he must find his sister before the kidnappers kill her.

FINN’S QUEST is a fast paced military action thriller with many twists and turns and keeps you guessing until the very end. Join Kirkland Finn as he battles private military operatives, in the streets of El Paso, covertly investigates a high security military base, leads a military assault on a terrorist base to a final car chase across the Afghanistan desert.

FINN’S QUEST is a gripping crime mystery action adventure thriller written by new author Andy Munro. FINN’s Quest includes many different genres of writting kidnapping, espionange, stealth and covert ops, military action, crime, mystery and finishes with an explosive ending.

Written for readers of Afghanistan war books, military fiction action adventure novels, SAS fiction books, British army fiction, espionage fiction involving MI6, CIA and intelligence agencies around the world, covert operations dealing with fictional terrorist threats, crime investigation, fiction adventures with realistic characters from law enforcement, CIA, FBI, DEA, NCS, SOC and government conspiracy.

Author Note : I write my books with realistic characters and believable personalities. My novels follow a logical process from the start building the plot up to a realistic and explosive finish in the style of an action adventure movie.


  • Gripping story, well worth a read. Enjoyed the book immensely, would recommend!
  • Page turner, Great story, action packed thriller, intriguing read from start to finish. Highly recommended.
  • As good as any of the major crime action adventure writers. Definitely worth reading if you like crime and military action thrillers. Can’t believe it was a first book.
  • Cracker of a book. Thoroughly enjoyed this military action adventure thriller book. Great plot and believable characters.

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