Writing the First Nico Torres Novel

Kirkland Finn Author Andy Munro at White Sands, New Mexico, USA.

A number of readers have asked me when I’ll publish another book with Nico Torres. I can confirm that I’m currently 25% through writing THE DUSTY ROAD TO DEATH. This novel sees FBI Agent Nico Torres investigating the murder of a young woman. Readers of FINN’S QUEST will possibly remember that Torres has an unsolved … Read more

FINN’S QUEST by ANDY MUNRO [Kirkland Finn #1]


FINNS QUEST is a gripping Action Adventure Thriller. This covert ops, special forces, fiction novel is based in the USA and Afghanistan. Featuring SAS Captain Kirkland Finn, a British Army Hero. Skilled at fighting with a gun, knife or bare hands and known for his impeciable covert operative skills. Finn takes you on a high-octane … Read more