Last Week I Nearly Gave Up Writing Forever!

Thats right! Last week I came close to throwing the towel in. I was a keystroke from deleting Finn #4 from my PC forever. That’s after spending five months on it.

Why? Insulting, negative reviews.

Let me explain. First, everyone is entitled to their opinion but maybe they should think before going off on one. Does it need to be so insulting, threatening and malicous? All my books are self-published. I don’t have a massive team at a publishing house typing up my notes. Everything you see was done by myself.

Finn’s Quest was my first publication. The novel is available for 99p. Yet despite advertising my book as action packed fiction and escapism, some purist readers have taken it upon themselves to rubbish the plot, question my age, trash my writing style, reveal the twists, and discourage readers from buying.

Whereas I appreciate people have differing views and favourite authors that I should emulate the whole experience left me totally demoralised. It was only when I read the hundreds of 5, 4, and 3 star reviews I stopped myself. Every novel written, not just mine, deserves a minimum of three stars for the creativity and work that was involved. 5 and 4 star reviews are for people who loved the plot.

A one star review saying “Rubbish” or “Was this written by a ten year old?” are just insulting and have nothing to do with the novel.

Be kind when doing reviews. Take a moment to think of the authors dedication to his work.


Andy Munro

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