Links to other Web Sites you may be interested in:

  • YUMA GOLD : Yuma Gold Design and Manufacture Guitar Amplifiers and Effects Pedals. Amplifiers are all Tube design with classic features and tone. There is a custom design service available.
  • BUSINESS ANGEL NE : A group of business experts located in the North East UK specialising in business consulting, investment, advice and mentoring.
  • SOUNDCLOUD : I play guitar as a hobby and like to record my own tracks and songs. These are then uploaded to my soundcloud profile.
  • Valves for Guitar Amplifiers : here you can by replacement vacuum tubes and valves for guitar amplifiers.
  • Tube Guitar Amplifiers : the complete YUMAGOLD range of valve guitar amplifiers.
  • Spirit Fires / Gas Fire and Bioethanol Fireplaces : I have designed and CE approved many gas and bioethanol products here you can find some basic details.