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Website Link Sharing

We encourage backlink sharing to maximize SEO and to spread the word throughout the web. If you have a web site and would like to swap links then use the Contact PD link in the menu above.

Content Sharing (SEO growth)

To maximize your web site SEO you need content and long chain keywords on other web sites that link back to you. We charge £25 for a page on our site. All you need to do is pay £25 to our PayPal account and then email your content, your chosen page title, up to 5 different keywords and the links to individual pages on your site that you want them to link to.

We create the page and links, send a tweet from our twitter account and tell Bing and Google about the new page. Once the robots have followed the page links back to your site they will record a new back link. If you would like to add a page promoting your products and services by adding a content page to the website then use the Contact link in the menu above to get in touch.